Your 2017 Summer Bucket List

Today we celebrate the first official day of summer and while the sun is shining brighter a bit longer these days we want to encourage our entire Generation W community to tackle those goals on your summer bucket list.

Wait, you don’t have a list? You’re in luck…we asked members of our community to share with us what they will be doing between now and the end of the summer and came up with a list that you can claim as your very own.

What I plan to do over the summer…

Play Catch Up

There are a number of important things that I want to accomplish this summer but the single most important is time with my husband. Among the many family engagements we are looking forward to we are also going to carve out a week to simply relax together. No agenda, no commitments, no appointments. Time to relax and catch up with one another and ourselves. I feel more relaxed just writing that!–Celeste Blackman


Run for Office

I’m running for Mayor of my town of Westfield, NJ, and I hope to knock on about 5000 doors of town residents to win their vote in November!–Shelley Brindle

Cultivate a New Relationship

My one big audacious goal is to establish a very special relationship that will help us accelerate new healthcare related technologies to benefit patients today. —Dr. Charles Bruce, M.D.


My “Summer Bucket List” consists of all things involved with relaxing. I will be hitting the gym, in search of a beach body, reading, lounging on the beach, and soaking up the sun.–Annmarie Cardona

Get College-Ready

Getting my youngest daughter ready to start college!–Joanne E. Cohen

Slow Down and Savor Summer

My summer bucket list includes slowing down enough to savor every moment, especially with my kids. I work in a fast paced job that requires a lot of attention. I am making a big effort to focus on slowing down and enjoying the lazy days of summer.–Michelle Cook

Go to Camp

My goal is to spend time at my happy place- a camp on a lake in Maine-where I can get unplugged and just relax.–Kym Dunton

Take on New Challenges

Go sea kayaking…a roll over from my previous year’s summer bucket list! Also, start construction on a proper indoor habitat for Hank the tortoise. If I can put together an IKEA Malm 6-drawer dresser, then doggone it, I can build a Pinterest inspired tortoise home!–Sara Goldsmith

Say “Yes”

  1. Hang out with my heroes. I was invited to speak to a group of people I’ve looked up to for years, and initially said “no” because I was too intimidated. I decided to get comfortable with discomfort and push out of my comfort zone and I said “yes.” Although I’m still scared I know it’s going to be the experience of a lifetime and I can’t wait.
  2. Play golf at least a few times with friends. Which means I have to schedule it in and commit now before my schedule fills up with work. Carving out the time to be in nature enjoying a round of golf always makes me grateful, but I seldom think ahead far enough to make sure it happens.–Heidi Hanna


Spend Time with Family

My plan for the summer is to spend as much time with family as possible. My parents and five siblings are spread out across the country. I hope to see them all.–Olenda E. Johnson

Take a Breath

Yes, honestly my summer bucket list – includes taking a breath! I had such a busy spring that I want to meditate, spend spontaneous moments with my family and have more sex with my husband.–Melanie Lawson


Win a Gold Medal

For my summer bucket list…win a GOLD MEDAL at the 20th World Maccabiah Games.–Sherry Levin

Get Outside

This summer I hope to take more time during the day to slow down and spend time outside. Whether it is reading my favorite book “Milk & Honey” over again, going for a run during lunch, or drinking my coffee outside on my porch before work, it will force me to slow down and appreciate everything outside of my office.–Betsy Nilan

Do What You’ve Been Putting Off Doing

I’m going to get my social media act together this summer. Auditing and cleaning up my accounts, making sure my profiles are optimized, learning how to best use newer apps, reviewing who I follow and why, making sure my posts matter, and managing the time I spend on social more efficiently. Kind of boring, but something I’ve been putting off for a long time!–Christina Norman

Work Your Garden and Your Reading List

Working towards a record harvest of watermelons.. last year was a disappointment.. trying to rally this year! And, read a couple of great books, love historical fiction…. any recommendations?–Donna Orender

Fuel Your Passion for Social Change

I just became part of the graduating class of 2017 for OneJax Metrotown Institute and I learned so much about how to embrace our differences and support our cultures. So this summer I’m even more excited after Metrotown to enhance the skills learned through OneJax by attending YEA (Youth Empowered Action) camp next month to embrace and fuel my passion for social change. I’m not just a STEM girl, but a girl who wants to make a real difference on important issues in our world like racism, the environment, women’s rights or bullying. So while it may be a lazy summer I’m staying quite busy to ensure I can be the best me I can be for myself and others! But I plan to have some fun too!–Taylor Richardson

Tap into your Creativity

1. Get through top summer book reading list.
2. Spend time with my family in South Hampton, and throw my sister a memorable and beautiful wedding.
3. Start planning our Documentary series about employing women in rural India, and bringing their product to market.
4. Design and sample beautiful clothing and accessories from Latin American Artisans while thoroughly lining up and planning our 2018 job creation program.–Kara Ross

Let Your Kids Lead the Way

My bucket list includes spending as much time as possible with my daughter Mak before she heads off to Loyola University of Chicago – exploring the events, arts, and culture that are important to her before she leaves. All of this will include lots of crying and I am hoping my eyes don’t stay permanently swollen. I’m also starting back up with my banjo lessons once she is gone, so I will spend lots of time on my porch practicing to get back up to speed while she is off on her graduation trip and her 10-day housesitting gig.–Shavone Steele

Try Something New (and Celebrate!)

I am working on reading and implementing a fascinating book/idea: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Will let you know how that goes. And, spending lots of splashy time with my happy ball of energy that is turning two this summer, absolutely a highlight!–Kasia Swierczynska

Grow Your Brand (and Some Peaches!)

Summer is heating up for us here at EpiBone, and before the summer is over, I plan to get into full fundraising mode! If I’m lucky, I might be able to surf a wave or two at a beautiful beach while out on the campaign trial. Also hoping our peach tree will yield some tasty fruits.–Nina Tandon

Share with us your bucket list progress via social media using the hashtag #GenWBucketList.  We can’t wait to see what you are doing!