Young Girls and Entrepreneurship

5801004940_deca5f52f1_zWe have always known the importance of mentoring young girls (checkout our Generation WOW program) and now, thanks to a Fast Company article by Rebekah Epstein, we have even more reasons why we should include young girls in the leadership and entrepreneurship conversation.  “As a female entrepreneur myself, I believe teaching girls about business is just as important as math, reading, and writing,” writes Epstein.  “In order to close the gender inequality gaps that we keep talking about, we need to start early. Girls aren’t falling behind in the curriculum. In fact, studies show that on average, girls receive better grades than their male counterparts in school and have a 7% higher high school graduation rate.”  Epstein has identified five areas in which entrepreneurship can teach leadership skills:



Decisive Action:  “Part of being a leader is making difficult decisions and then having the gumption to back them up.”

Risk-Taking:  “Calculated risks are necessary to achieve growth and success, even if it means accepting a few failures along the way.”

Speaking Up:  “Asking for what you want is crucial to the advancement of a burgeoning company or any objective that requires support.”

Juggling Act:  “Teaching business empowers girls to realize that juggling is really just part of life, so it never has to be an either/or situation.”

Problem Solving:  “If young girls acquire the wisdom to tackle an issue head on, there is no question about it; they will start to get further in all aspects of life.”

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image courtesy of flickr/Scott Dexter