WOW Is Coming–Register Today!

It is officially one of my favorite words: WOWsdom! And I am excited by the fact that it is catching on, as friends and new friends alike are sending messages about what this book has meant to them. There are those who are still asking, “What is WOWsdom?” Well, the answer is simple. We asked what happens when you join the WOW of our girls with the WISDOM of our women–AHA!–WOWsdom! It’s about the special connections, the sharing of stories and the positive and the possible between women and girls.

We are eagerly anticipating when that magic of WOW and WISDOM happens on a truly amazing scale – at GENERATION WOW. I smile as I think of the bouncing energy of our wonderful teen girls, all gathering to experience the POSITIVE and The POSSIBLE. They also come to meet you. As the leaders of tomorrow, they come to learn from the leaders of today– it is the secret sauce of WOWsdom and the magic of what makes it all happen.

The girls get so much from you, our valued mentors, sharing your professional and personal stories of challenges and triumph, advice and adversity – but, equally, are the valuable lessons you learn from them. It often happens along the path of the Geraldine Mentor Walk, a favorite part of WOW, where women and girls forge lasting connections. The act of walking and talking, laughing and dreaming together is a special experience. You can feel the WOW and WISDOM coming together to create what we know is WOWsdom! Further, the research supports just how impactful it is for girls to have the ability to connect.

Six years in, the enthusiasm is high, the rewards are great, so I hope you will join us on November 14th for GENERATION WOW Jacksonville.  REGISTER NOW, bring some friends, and be a part of the experience that is the WOWsdom of GENERATION WOW!



by Donna Orender