espnW Shares 5 Trends for Women in Sports Marketplace

Donna Orender at espnW SummitLast Friday morning, Generation W founder Donna Orender was part of a panel at the espnW Women + Sports Summit titled “The Power of the Women’s Marketplace”.  Moderated by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the panel–which also included Under Armour vice president of women’s marketing Heidi Sandreuter and Sage managing director Paul Altman, discussed the influence women have in the sports industry.  Here are 5 trends the panel identified for women in sports marketplace:

Only 20 percent of North American women call themselves “athletes.”
“Per Sandreuter, by designing, producing and marketing more to those four-fifths of women who don’t identify as such, the company could take a bigger piece of the $14.5 billion jackpot.”

Women have the “power of the purse.”
“Because women typically have more purchasing power in households than men, brands are shifting their marketing strategies to attract those who spend the money.”

Women think and buy differently than men.
“The NBA wanted to sell WNBA tickets in the exact same way for years,” Orender said. “But the data showed it just wasn’t working.”

Female consumers spend more time with online brand content than their male counterparts.
“Just four days after launching the [Under Armour] “I WILL WHAT I WANT” campaign  online, it had more than 4 million views on YouTube. It has since amassed more than 6 million, easily becoming the most watched clip ever from the company in just two months.”

Women connect with human stories.
“[Misty] Copeland’s inspirational and triumphant tale “touched a cultural nerve” and managed to connect female buyers with Under Armour on an emotional level.”

Here is a clip of Donna Orender talking about the importance of putting women in decision-making positions in the business world: