Tips for Increasing Women in Leadership

Women in BusinessAccording to Pegine Echevarria, increasing women in leadership is a worldwide business issue.  “Women’s leadership is a global business issue that needs to be addressed systemically across the enterprise and included the involvement of both women and men at all levels of leadership,” writes Pegine in a blog post for her site.  How can your company create such engagement?  Here are Pegine’s tips:

  • Create a defined process that engages men as well as women.  Men “are incredibly valuable, capable and ready to participate when invited.”
  • Have a deep understanding and assessment of who current women in the C-suite are. “Creating a baseline of top female performers can guide the talent management of future leaders.”
  • Integrate a new generation of female leaders in your organization by create specific programs that leverage their skills. “Specific programs for embracing prior service female military leaders is important.”
  • Develop prosperity consciousness, negotiation and sales skills as well as confidence as leaders. “These are powerful leadership tools and mindsets that all women should be exposed to early on.”
  • Create a clear measure of success. “Just as we measure profits, productivity and influence women’s leadership initiatives must have clear goals and measure their success accordingly.”

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