What Do You Wish You Would Have Known at 25?

Letter to MeWhat do you wish you would have known at 25?  Our friend Pegine Echevarria shares a great list of 7 things she would like to tell her younger self (we might want to remind ourselves of these things even if we are little older than 25!):

You are smart. “You have to know deep down that you are smart and eager to learn more.”

Ask, Ask, Ask. “Ask confidently for the job, the raise, and the opportunity.”

Trust Your Gut. “Energy flows throughout the world and humans have the ability to ‘feel’ the energy. Your gut ‘feels’ the message.”

Love. “Love what you do. Love the people you meet. Love yourself.”

Laugh. Laugh Lots. “Laughter is good for you.”

It will all work out. It always does. “No matter how horrendous, difficult, challenging or awful a situation is…it always works out.”

Meditate, pray, be quiet. “Just be. You will gain peace and perspective.”

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Tell us:  What one thing would you wish you would have known at 25?