Why You Need a Few Good Men Mentors

Men and Women Mentors“[Men are] the people in power, statistically. So no matter what you’re doing in your career, you have to have a friend or two in the male group to get that inside knowledge,” said Katie Donovan, a negotiation expert with Equal Pay Negotiations LLC.  Katie was recently interviewed by bizjournals.com editor Mary Johnson on the value of having men not only be part of the gender equality conversation but embracing them as allies, mentors and sponsors in the workplace. TWEET THIS

Actually, we think it benefits both genders to seek each other out as allies and mentors.  Here’s why:

The World Isn’t 100% Women or 100% Men
Gender-specific networking is great and definitely has its benefits, but the reality is, eventually you will have to work with men and men will have to work with women.  “Even at 50/50, we’ve got to be hanging out with the guys,” says Donovan.  Diversity is always good for business and knowing how to work with different people–including those of a different gender–is important for your future success.

It’s Good for Career Advancement
The people in power–regardless of gender–usually know about job openings before everyone else. “The people in power…give a heads up to the people who have been engaged with them. And that two-week or two-day heads up can be critical.”

Mentors Need Good Mentees
“As leaders move, they need to have people who can support them who are kick-butt people,” says Donovan.  Gender doesn’t matter to those who are looking for the “rising stars” to accompany them to the top–making yourself one of the people they can repeat with is beneficial to them and to you.

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