Why Mentorship Matters

Yesterday, we brought together the amazing female leaders of today with the equally-amazing female leaders of tomorrow for Generation WOW, a program that focuses on teenage girls—teaching the lessons of the positive and the possible through a yearlong mentorship program.

Why is mentorship important? Just look at these statistics from Girls Who Rule the World:

  • 98% of the youths paired with mentors stayed in school
  • 85% of youths who had a mentor did not use drugs
  • 98% of teens matched with mentors avoid teen pregnancy
  • 98% of youth paired with mentors avoided gang activity
  • Mentored students increased their grades by 59%
  • Mentored students increased their aspirations and goals by 79%

“If you ask any adult who had the biggest influence on them growing up, it is most likely an adult who supported, encouraged, or taught them in some way,” writes Dr. Robyn Silverman who provided the Generation WOW keynote. “In other words, it was a mentor.”

And while the effects of mentoring are of great benefit to the girl, it also goes a long way towards making our world a better place for everyone. “When women lead they not only lead businesses, they lead their communities, they fight for children and they give voice to issues that are important to our collective future, like education and healthcare,” writes Tabby Biddle in her piece for Huffington Post.

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Here are some photos from yesterday’s Generation WOW from our social media community: