What We Are Doing To Imagine The Possible













Back on April 4th, we set the stage-literally.  We set the stage for a imagining the possible because we believe that when we imagine it, we can do it.  “There is power in this room” said Donna Orender at the beginning of Generation W. “We are united in the feeling that making a difference is possible and achievable.”

We have been getting emails and letters telling us how people have been inspired to imagine their own possibilities. We love reading every single message–they fuel us to move forward with our own plans and goals. We wanted to share some of these words with you to help fuel for your imagine the possible fire.  Want to add your own message to this list?  Click here to email Patti Minglin and share how being a part of Generation W is inspiring you to imagine the possible.


“Now that some time has passed, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated being at Gen W’s conference!  It was a great experience, I learned a lot (intended purpose), and have kept it fresh by talking to people about my learnings and the experience.  You should be very proud of what you are doing at Gen W!!!” — Howard Halle

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I truly enjoyed the Generation W conference this weekend.  It was honestly one of the most memorable and frankly just favorite conferences that I’ve ever attended – and I promise that I’m not just saying that!  I loved all of the themes that were discussed throughout the day – from the diversity discussion, to Dr. Lapchick’s amazing achievements, to the breakout sessions and the final panel with the male executives – the day had a mix of everything.  I also loved how approachable and relatable all of the conversations were to the audience.  Sometimes I feel like the conferences that I attend in NYC are more for show or just address issues at perhaps a more superficial or theoretical level.  The conversations that took place this weekend were real with real people, the speakers were amazing, and the moderators did a great job of facilitating the discussion in an engaging way – even the food was healthy and delicious (hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, I love it!).  I can’t say enough great things about the day!”– Kristina Fell

“It has been two weeks since the conference and the positive energy is still very much alive and well in my mind. It renewed the hop in my step,  while fueling the fire in my belly!   Thank you!   It was truly an amazing weekend.  You are making a difference in people’s lives…” — Susan Renners


“Our 18 students who attended your Generation W conference last Friday loved it.  And the few who had been to the conference in a prior year thought this one was the best yet from the points of view of networking and speakers.  So….great job!” — Wendy Libby

“It’s been 3+ weeks since GEN W and I’m still riding on inspiration.  The event was exceptional and it was an absolute privilege to attend. It surpassed my expectations by light years. From the moment Carla Harris opened her mouth I was hooked. (I just finished her book and have learned so much.)” — Marlowe Boukis

“I wanted to congratulate you both on another amazing GenW conference. I am so inspired and impressed by what you are able to bring together and share with all of us.  I am most impressed with the energy that is created in the room. I attend quite a few programs and as you know I am trying to create something similar in Atlanta, and you seem to be the model…My takeaways are that it is a holistic approach to empowering women. Showcasing people and stories that the world needs to hear.  It is what I aspire to do!”–Jackie Cannizzo