Wells Fargo Executive Featured in Fortune

Great Fortune interview with Jennifer Spratley of Wells Fargo!





As a Generation W partner, we are always thrilled to see Wells Fargo in the news–especially this great interview with their wholesale fraud prevention and authentication SVP Jennifer Spratley.  Spratley and her team protect the bank’s customers from fraudsters and while it isn’t surprising that security is a big concern for Wells Fargo, it is surprising that the woman leading its anti-fraud efforts has no STEM degree and only an informal technical background.

“Indeed, Spratley says she earned two BAs—one in speech communications and one in business psychology,” states the article.  “Yet she believes that her background has, in a way, been a competitive advantage. In such a rapidly evolving field, says Spratley, strong leadership skills and an ability to translate tech industry jargon into plain English can be more valuable than technical know-how.”

Never underestimate the power of good leadership skills.


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