Carla Harris’ Five Wall Street Career Mistakes

carla-harris.pngIf you want to know what may be slowing down your Wall Street career checkout this advice from our friend Carla Harris in Business Insider.

Know when to use what skills
“When you’re first starting out in your career on Wall Street, your analytic skills, your quantitative skills and your attention to detail are the things that are most valued.  Three to four years into your career as associate, you’re about to be promoted to vice president. And at that point people are valuing your commercially, your ability to build relationships, especially at the junior levels at the client organizations.”

Be authentic
“People make a mistake when they try to behave or act like other people, and then they lose the power of their individuality.  Each of us has something that makes us uniquely who we are. And that is your competitive advantage.”

Manage your time aggressively
“I think it’s really important to maintaining long-term success, particularly in financial services, that you have balance in your life. Because work is not always going to go well,” she said. “And if you don’t have balance, it’s easy to become distracted, disoriented, disillusioned with this business.”

Distinguish between relationships and performance
“Performance currency is the currency that you gain from doing a great job, and it can do three things for you.  Number one, it will attract a sponsor, it can get you paid and promoted, and it also gets you a reputation in the workplace as someone who delivers.”

“That relationship currency is the most valuable when it comes to ascending in an organization.  It’s going to be somebody’s judgment about whether or not you’ll be successful in this new assignment, and judgments are directly influenced by relationships.”

Understand the company structure and mobility
“If the company has no precedence for moving people from operations into investment banking, it does not have anything to do with your ability, but it has everything to do with their precedence.  So if they haven’t done that, you’re not going to be the exception to the rule.”

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