Vital Voices Hosts “India’s Daughter” Premiere

430x428x2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.WOgBlVVnq3IFBQUkX17KEarlier this week, Vital Voices Global Partnership, a non-profit that works for the advancement and empowerment of women, along with Plan International, a children’s development organization, hosted the premiere of director Leslee Udwin’s documentary, “India’s Daughter.”

The film is based on the 2012 rape of Jyothi Singh, an Indian medical student in Delhi, and includes interviews with the perpetrators and their defenders–highlighting the “mindset about society’s regressive views on the status of women as dispensable, second-class citizens.” (NY City Lens).  “This moving documentary is harrowing not only for its heartbreaking, unflinching look at a young woman’s life brutally ended, but for the intimate, clear eyed look at the young men who broke her, and their defenders,” said actress Meryl Streep in the NY City Lens article. Streep was joined on stage by numerous other actresses, celebrities and leaders to lead a candlelight vigil for Jyothi prior to the showing of the documentary.

“When we heard about it, we just knew that it was something that we needed to get behind and support,” said Generation W speaker Alyse Nelson, CEO of Vital Voices. “I don’t think there’s a single person among us who doesn’t remember this horrific incident. If there is any way to make sure that this young life did not die in vain, but is used as a light that continues to highlight these issues.”

“Around the world, one billion women and girls are victims of gender based violence. One billion.  There is not a country that is free from it and not a woman that is free from it. It happens everywhere.”

Click here to read the entire NY City Lens article and don’t miss hearing from Alyse Nelson during this year’s Generation W.