GenW Speaker Shows VALUE in the Workplace

image1.img.pngSpeaker, career coach, author and Generation W breakout session leader (her session: “Yes Coach–A Game Plan for Life”) Pegine Echevarria, spoke at a leadership training event organized by General Motors Employee Resource Groups including GM Women and Diversity.  

Named one of the 100 Global Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion by The Society of Human Resource Management, Echevarria gave insight into how individuals can show V.A.L.U.E. in the workplace.  Her tips:

  • Visible: Keep track of the work you do both within and outside your official job description.
  • Attitude: Take stock of your attitude. Be aware of how your attitude impacts your work unit and take steps to change your approach if needed.
  • Leverage: Always be aware of the value of your Time, Treasure and Talent. If some work or life task is a drain on at least one area, consider hiring out or asking for help.
  • User Resources: Calculate ROI on items or technology to make your job easier, even if you need to buy it for yourself. Take advantage of company provided resources (education, training, professional journals, conferences) to start growing your skill set.
  • Evolve: Think, Plan, Act. If you want to improve or change each year, then set a target, make a plan and follow through.

Click here for more information about the GM event and click here to visit Echevarria’s website. 

You Tell Us:  How do you show value in the workplace?