UCF DeVos Student Shares her Gen W Experience

P2-30544-240x300Amanda Zakoske, a student who is pursuing her Master’s Degree in the DeVos program at the University of Central Florida, recently wrote a blog post about her Generation W experience. While she mentioned several highlights (“It was insightful hearing from different members of the military on the expansion of women’s roles to all combat positions, and from women who were leading predominantly male teams”), we loved how she summed up speaker Sharry Cramond’s thought-provoking presentation and thought it was a perfect share for #MondayMotivation:

From Amanda’s blog:

*First, she [Sharry Cramond] asked the audience to envision a contest where everyone would have to wear a camera for a week, and the person who worked the hardest would win a prize. She asked how many of us would work differently than we did the previous week. She challenged us to always work hard, as if we were wearing that tiny camera all the time.

*Second, she emphasized that, “It’s nice to be nice.” One of her hiring principles is to “…hire nice people to train. It’s far easier than training people to be nice.” It seems sometimes women in the workforce get labeled as bossy and it was nice to hear from someone who has found so much success valuing friendliness.

*Third, she stressed the necessity to go out and make a name for yourself. Be famous for something in your organization.

Be famous. That was by far my biggest takeaway from Generation W.


We are certain Amanda is already making a name for herself and look forward to seeing what she will be doing in the future.  Click here to read her entire blog.

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