Training Women to Ask for More Money at Work

“There were just two words I uttered after job offers early in my career: ‘Thank you’”, writes our friend and Generation W speaker Kelly Wallace. “I never negotiated for money. If I did think about it, I quickly worried that I would anger my future employer if I even asked.”

According to this great piece that Kelly wrote for CNN, women have received salary increases of 5% or less in the past five years and nearly half of the women surveyed said women are less likely to ask for raises and promotions than men.

But, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) is hoping to change all that by providing free salary negotiation workshops, with the goal of training as many as 10 million women by 2022. “I think too many women unfortunately just don’t talk about this enough,” said Kimberly Churches, chief executive officer of AAUW. “It’s a muscle and it takes practice to learn negotiation skills and if you’re not already in a sales job, that becomes even more trying.”

According to the article, AAUW currently has workshops available in Boston, Washington, D.C; Tempe, Arizona; Long Beach, California; San Francisco and various cities in Massachusetts.

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