Top GenW Stories of 2015

the-best-2015This has been a great year for women, for Jacksonville and for Generation W! We take a look back at the top 3 stories from our website every month of 2015.



Your One Word Resolution
Members of our Generation W community share their one-word resolutions for the year.

Join Us for Generation WORKS
A personal invite to our first Generation WORKS, a day of dedicated service led by women and girls.

5 Steps to Finding Your Passion
Five things you can do right now to find your passion as we prepare for Generation W 2015: Passion & Purpose




Super Bowl Commercials that Won with Women
We didn’t leave the room during the commercials—here are some of our favorite spots.

#GenWChat Recap: Celebrating Volunteerism and Community Leadership
Great tips for volunteers and community leaders as well as highlights from some memorable volunteer experiences.

Generation WORKS: From Vision to Reality
A look back at Generation WORKS including great images of what the volunteers accomplished during this day of dedicated service in Jacksonville.




Everyone Benefits When We Recognize Value of Women And Girls
An excerpt from Donna Orender’s article for Arbus Magazine on the ideas and possibilities we can achieve when we are all involved in our communities.

What Gen W Speakers Love about Jacksonville
Local speakers share favorite restaurants, must-do Jacksonville activities and 3 words they would use to describe our wonderful community.

LIVE Blog from Generation W 2015
Great words of wisdom and insight we heard from the stage during Generation W 2015.




Kelly Wallace Asks: When Will Women’s Sports Get the Same Attention as Men?
Excerpt from an article on article written by Generation W speaker Kelly Wallace.

One Love Foundation Expands Efforts to Reach Students
How the One Love Foundation plans to expand its efforts to reach students in Northeast Florida.

Levo League Launches #ask4more Campaign
In honor of Equal Pay Day, the Levo League launches campaign to help women ask for what they deserve.




Ita Ekpoudom Shares the Evolution of Passion & Purpose
Inspired by Generation W 2015, speaker Ita Ekpoudom writes about women who have turned their passion into purpose.

Gen W Community Shares Best Advice from Mom
Members of the Generation W community share words of wisdom they received from their mothers.

Spotlight: Ava Parker, President of Palm Beach State College
Interview with new (and first female!) president of Palm Beach State College.




The Connection between Doughnut Day and Women
How this fun “holiday” was actually started by the kindness of women during World War II.

New Study: Women Find it Difficult to See Themselves as Leaders
Findings from the KPMG Women’s Leadership Study released during the inaugural KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit.

First Coast Females Tackle Gender Equality
904 Magazine interviews female executives on what has changed in the gender equality conversation and how those changes affect the workplace.




Congrats U.S. Women’s National Team
Why we loved watching these women play this summer.

8 Quotes from TEDxTuesdays Women Kicking Ass Panel
Eight great quotes from the panel of inspiring women who participated in the Women Kicking Ass Panel.

We’ll Meet You in the Broadrooms
Our interview with Broadrooms founder Gerri Elliott.




Why Women Should Play Golf Now
As we prepared for our “Fun, Friendship & Fore” Golf Clinic, members of our Generation W community give 7 reasons why women should be playing golf.

Congratulations to Women of Influence Honorees
A look at the female leaders recognized for the inspiration, life lessons and legacy they have given us.

Two Women Pass Army’s Ranger School
The historical moment that took place at Camp James E. Rudder on Elgin Air Force Base in Florida.




Fun, Friendship & Fore Golf Clinic
A look at this great event through the eyes of the participants

Rachel Vitti: “We have the opportunity to transform a community’s literacy and achievement levels”
Our interview with president of The GRASP Alliance Rachel Vitti on the opening of The GRASP Academy in Jacksonville

For Women in Sports, the Time is Now
Donna Orender shares why there is a demonstrated advantage to having a diversity of voices and authority that is not gender specific.




Jacksonville Film & Television’s Video Tribute to Donna Orender
The video profile of Generation W founder shown during this year’s Annual Jacksonville Film Industry Reception.

A Different Side of this BIG PINK MONTH
Generation W blogger Mary Ann Wasil on what this BIG PINK MONTH is like for those living with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Why Aren’t Women a Full Part of Community Leadership in Jacksonville?
An excerpt from a Times-Union opinion piece by Judy Ham that answers editor Frank Denton’s question, “Why aren’t women a full part of community leadership in Jacksonville?”




What If All Action Heroes Were Girls?
A great video from GoldieBlox shows what it would look like of girls took on male action hero roles such as James Bond and Marty McFly.

Why Mentorship Matters
Images from this year’s Generation WOW and why mentoring young girls is so important.

Jacksonville Leaders Give Thanks
Community leaders share with us what they are most thankful for this year.




12 Books to Give as Gifts
Books by some of our favorite authors—and Generation W speakers—that should be on everyone’s reading list.

The Gift of Clarity
Using the busy holiday season as a time to gain clarity and perspective for the New Year.

Life Lessons from an Ultra-Marathoner
Giselle Carson shares the 3 life lessons she has learned from her first ultra-marathon experience.


See you in 2016!