Tips for Taming Tech

Taming Tech“We are, too many of us, busy to the point of distress,” writes John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio in a blog for Huffington Post.  “The demands of work, the needs of those we love, and our own requirements tot a healthy happy life, can seem impossible to satisfy. In response, we search for some factual ground to stand on. In an effort to understand our situation we wonder: Is life today more demanding? Are we busier than previous generations? Is there something especially pressurized about the 21st Century?”

How would you answer that question?  If you are like many in our “tech-addicted” world, you might blame the increase in life demands on the advancements in technology.  However, the technology itself isn’t the problem–how we handle that technology is what may be making us feel a bit more stressed than usual.  “As individuals, we must honor our feelings and find ways to control the technologies that now seem to overwhelm us.”

Here are ways to tame the tech and take back your life:

Set Boundaries:  Even Alexander Graham Bell refused to have a phone in his lab because it was distracting.  Create boundaries for when technology will be used–and when it will not be used.  Keep phones away from dinner table conversations, put away the iPad during your family car trips–embrace the relationships you are having IRT (in real time).

Stop Multitasking:  Women are known to be multi-taskers and while that may sound great (after all, we are just being efficient with our time), it is actually stopping us from finding balance in our life.  Devote your full attention to the task at hand.  When you are at work, focus on work and avoid responding to personal emails or text messages and when you are with family and friends, focus on the time you are spending with them and stop answering work-related phone calls or checking spreadsheets via your iPad.

Avoid Boredom:  You just might be dipping into that Facebook page or Pinterest stream because you have nothing better to do.  Create a list of things you like to do such as cooking, biking or writing in a journal.  Each time you feel yourself drawn to social media, take a moment to look at your list and choose one of the activities.

Connect with Technology:  Yes, we need boundaries with our technology, but let’s face it, we love these things.  Instead of letting technology put a wedge between you and our significant others, use it to bring you closer together.  Create a family video and upload it to YouTube, research your family tree online, or FaceTime or Skype relatives that live far away.


Your Turn:  What tips do you have for managing your technology?