Tina Lifford Talks THE CIRCLE, JAX & IAE

iconsquareMV5BMTk3Mzg1MzAxM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODczODU5Mw,40,40._V1_SX214_CR0,,0,,214,,317_AL_.jpg.pagespeed.ce.rYXSrrd2PWEarlier this week, we had the honor of presenting the Jacksonville premiere of THE CIRCLE, a play about life affirmation written by and starring actress Tina Lifford and directed by Shirley Jo Finney.  As crowds gathered at The Alhambra Theatre on Sunday and Monday evening, you could feel the electricity in the air–everyone knew that something amazing was about to happen, and amazing it was.  The audience, the cast, the crew the volunteers–anyone that came together for this event left with a new sense of empowerment and freedom.

We recently talked with Tina Lifford about her experience here in Jacksonville, what she hopes audience members gained from the performance, and how women can keep THE CIRCLE alive and well in their own lives:

GenW:  How was your overall experience in bringing THE CIRCLE to Jacksonville?
TL:  Gratifying. My trip to Jacksonville was the theme of women supporting women in action. It was a support fest! Generation W, The Alhambra, THE CIRCLE, interviews, the teams of all these entities, we were all actively supporting the women of Jacksonville. It was fun and exciting. It speaks well of the future that is possible for us all to create through conscious win/win collaboration.

GenW:  What one or two things do you hope audience members took away from the performances?
TL:  1) IAE – I Am Enough!  Self-doubt is a big stumbling block. It makes us resistant, afraid, reserved, etc. It closes us off, instead of opening us up to what’s possible for our lives. When we find ourselves in self-doubt if we can remember IAE, we can begin to rewire chronic self-doubt, and turn it into personal resilience and freedom.   2) Up until now, and from this point forward: no matter how bad things HAVE BEEN—no matter how hurt, abused, ashamed, or whatever—up until now, from this point forward things can be better. Optimism is key to resilience. A sense of what is possible can steer us, help us eventually override our greatest challenges. Up until now, and from this point forward encourages personal optimism. Plus it feels good!

GenW:  How can the women of Jacksonville keep THE CIRCLE alive and well in their own lives?
TL:  Having a Circle mindset takes intention. It helps create healthy, honest and strong relationships. My work at The Inner Fitness Project helps you to create an environment where you feel safe, seen and heard. If you’re interested in creating a Circle, or joining a Circle go to www.iwantacircle.com. We’ll guide and support you from there.

GenW:  What plans do you have next for yourself and THE CIRCLE?
TL:  There are a number of “irons in the fire” regarding THE CIRCLE. Get on my mailing list at www.tinalifford.com, and stay abreast of what’s brewing. Up next is a command performance of THE CIRCLE in Los Angeles, in October. My vision for THE CIRCLE: A national tour where we connect with women all over the country the way we did in Jacksonville.  If the women of Jacksonville are interested in a follow-up workshop I am sure we can make that happen. Make your interest known by sending me an email at tina@tinalifford.com. Generation W is all about IMAGINING THE POSSIBLE!

If you missed the excitement–or want to relive the excitement–checkout our pre-event wrap up which includes links to stories, images and videos.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in THE CIRCLE.  Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit women and girls in the greater Jacksonville community by way of the events held by Generation W and Generation WOW.