Think Like A Leader

LeadershipOne of our 2015 Generation W speakers Alyse Nelson, president & CEO of Vital Voices Global Partnership, recently wrote an article for on what it takes to be a great leader. In working with women throughout the world, here are 3 things she feels we should be doing to think like a leader:

Listen first
“Immerse yourself. Ask questions, encourage honesty, and listen to those around you. Learn about the people on your team; find out who they are, not just what they’re doing for you. I believe that all people have a deep desire to be heard, and truly great leaders recognize that need in others.”

Share power
“If you lead just for yourself, you won’t get very far. Use your position to empower others. This way, your impact – and theirs – gets multiplied. A universal truth we’ve discovered over 17 years of investing in women leaders is that networks accelerate their leadership.”

Seek mentors and become one
“Seek out mentors – internally and externally – who can partner with you as you develop your own path to become a leader.  And most importantly, invest in the rising generation by becoming a mentor. Share your wisdom, your network, and your skills. You’ll see that mentoring delivers a significant return on investment.”

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