The Women Who Are Changing the Music Industry

Flickr-DJ-PartyAlthough women are some of the earliest pioneers of electronic music, they are still underrepresented in the DJ and music producing space.  “In DJ Mag’s notorious Top 100 poll, for example, women consistently number in the low single digits,” writes Sophie Weiner in an article for  “An analysis by The Guardian last year showed a dismayingly low number of female performers on UK festival line ups, and Coachella was criticized for the scant women on their 2015 lineup.”

But, things may be changing thanks in part to a growing number of female producers, DJs and artists who are helping young women hone their skills and break into the industry.  From DJ Baby K (aka Kelly Webb) who is spearheading an educational program at the Lower Eastside Girls Club in NYC to City College of San Francisco professor Terri Winston who launched Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) to a number of grassroots initiatives springing up in cities throughout the US, signs are pointing to a more gender balanced electronic music industry. “If we build a group of women who are creative and want to learn and have that passion, then we’re no longer a minority,” said UK producer E.M.M.A in the article.  “That’s the answer.”

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