The Season to Fly

And so there they were with their rainbow capes tied neatly around their shoulders, the 15 or so 5-year old soon to be Pre-K graduates were ready to fly. Their teachers, holding the rainbow aloft, gave the signal and the kids took off in their “flying away” ceremony. With capes streaming behind them and the rainbow above them, they were flying away to their next school.

It was sweet. It was momentous. The field was filled with smiling and proud parents, friends and family, and I couldn’t help but think that this is just the first of a lifetime of “flying away” experiences. Wouldn’t it be great if every one of those experiences could be as jubilant as this one?

No doubt that this is the “flying away’ time of year. My social feeds are filled with heartwarming graduation posts. Our Generation W family is celebrating as well. There’s Jaxon, Tara’s son, so adorable, also flying to kindergarten. There are the middle schoolers flying away to high school, including our WOW girl, and now Wowsdom! author, Taylor Richardson who is facing high school with her signature style and confidence.

There are the high schoolers soon to be college freshmen, many of which will be flying away from home like Wow girl, Sabrina Mail who will be attending Emory – congrats Sabrina. And then there is the launch into the “real” world, the flight away from school to finding a job. Our board member Jamie Olken’s son Hank leaves Duke for Japan and our dear pal Christie, while always a Florida State Seminole, seeks a communications job in Jacksonville. And how about Hailey, our Stacy’s niece, graduating from the from the University of Alabama, now ready to make her way in the big wide world.

The more I thought about this concept of “flying away” the more I thought about how every day we are in a sense “graduating” from one thing to another. I am often engaged in the “what do I want to be when I grow up” conversation with so many friends – some younger and some older. This idea that I am “here”, but I really want to fly away to “there”, except I don’t know where “there” is, is a common theme for so many of us. These discussions are brimming with hope, and anxiety, excitement and concern… the pairing of the daring and the daunting. I suppose what I noticed about our dear little Benjamin Orender and his fellow rainbow caped crusaders was the total absence of fear. I saw nothing but pure joy… a much-needed reminder that every day we each can wake up, fasten on our rainbow capes and FLY!

Happy Graduations to all!!!




by Donna Orender