The Real Power of Women’s Conferences

timthumb-12.phpWe loved seeing this article in the New York Times over the weekend,”Feminism, One Conference at a Time”, which talks about the growing popularity of women’s conferences and why they have become part of a social movement.  “This is the tsunami effect of Hillary,” said Glynnis MacNicol, a journalist and co-founder of, a women’s networking group. Her co-founder,Rachel Sklar, added: “There is such a hunger on the part of smart, accomplished women to be taken seriously. It’s refreshing to see conferences and the zeitgeist reflect that.”

This quote from Madeline Albright is one of the many reasons why we love Generation W and believe that every time we are together as a community–offline or online–there is power.  “Really good ideas come when people are together having discussions. There is power in conversation.”

Click here to read the entire article and make plans now to be part of the Generation W conversation at GenW 2015–March 27, 2015! 


You Tell Us:  What is your favorite part about attending a women’s conference such as Generation W?