The Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Women Serving on the Front Lines

20160408100449-750xx3264-1836-0-0According to a recent article in the Jacksonville Business Journal, since the Department of Defense removed all gender-based restrictions for military service, about 220,000 jobs–nearly 10 percent of active and reserve duty force–opened to women. “Any job is open to anyone,” said Colonel Jen Buckner, commandant of the U.S. Army Cyber School. “We have women who just trained to be Rangers. Girls are dreaming of things once thought to be only allowed for boys.”

Colonel Bucker was on the Generation W panel moderated by Rear Admiral Marty Evans, U.S. Navy, that focused on the opportunities and challenges faced by women serving on the front lines. Panelists offered advice for dealing with the stresses of serving in the military and balancing a family. In the Jacksonville Business Journal article, panelists shared advice for women who are serving on the front lines of the military and on the front lines of business:

  • Don’t put your life into separate boxes.  Let them bleed over.
  • Understand that everyone on your team–both women and men–are dealing with problems at home and at work.
  • Don’t ever apologize for being a mom.
  • Take breaks when things seem to go negatively and do something you enjoy like running, being alone or journaling.

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The women in the military conversation continues on April 26th as Generation W hosts “Mission to Serve:  Women on the Front Lines”, a public seminar at the Florida Blue Conference and Convention Center. Click here for more information and to get tickets.