The Chat Interviews Gen W Speakers

As Henny Stewart, one of the hosts of The Chat, stated,  “It should not be called a conference, it should be called a movement.”  We couldn’t agree more.  The women and men of Generation W are inspiring people to make a difference in their lives as well as in the lives of others.  We are thankful for The Chat’s participation in this year’s event and absolutely love the interviews they did with some of our amazing speakers.




Tina Lifford, Actress, Playwright, Author, and Founder of The Inner Fitness Project: “Science has now determined that our genes, our immune system get turned on by positivity and our cells literally get damaged by negativity. Chronic negativity will shorten your life.”  Click here to see her interview







Sherry Deutschmann, Founder and CEO of LetterLogic, Inc:  “I never let doubt enter into my brain. I had too much riding on success and just plowed forward.” Click here to see her interview.






Patsy Doerr


Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion at Thomson Reuters: “You want to build an environment that allows people from all different types of backgrounds, approaches, styles, etc. to come together and work effectively, be inventive and ultimately be engaged.” Click here to see her interview. 







Lesley Seymour, Editor-in-Chief of MORE and  “The advice for any woman who is 30, 40, 50 is your life is just beginning.  It’s not over,” said Lesley during the interview.  “There’s just an incredible amount of things going on and women out there doing amazing things.  You just have to connect with them.  It’s the best time of your life.”  Click here to see her interview.





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Thank you for joining us on March 27th for Generation W 2015.