Thank You for the Magic at Generation W 2017!

The days following GENERATION W, my spirit continues to soar as we read through the many kind words and notes sent to us from attendees, speakers, and partners.  

“What an incredible day at #GenW! Big thanks to the speakers for reaching us to lead w/ imagination, innovation, and inspiration.” –USF Sport and Entertainment MBA

“It was a glorious day.”— Dr. Heidi Hanna

“The energy at this event was life-changing.”—Kim Possible

“My spirit is so full.”—Iesha Jackson

“What a great way to get recharged!”—College and Scholarship Help

“Thought-provoking, inspiring…” —Darren Dailey

My heart is filled with deep gratitude knowing that GENERATION W has impacted—and continues to impact—the lives of so many. As Sherry Spearman wrote: “I keep catching myself referring back to the many inspirational speakers of the day.”

I couldn’t agree more, Sherry.

There were so many great words of wisdom shared from the GENERATION W stage last Friday—words that not only filled our hearts with inspiration but challenged our thinking and ignited our souls. From Adecco USA’s Joyce Russell reminding us that deciding and doing are two very different things to physics phenom Amber Yang encouraging us to be “differentists”—take risks, challenge ourselves—the entire day was filled with life-changing moments for each and every one of us.  (click HERE to read more great quotes from the GENERATION W stage).

We must never lose the courage to innovate and we must never fail to let ourselves be fueled by imagination and inspiration. Thank you to all the amazing speakers who shared their stories from our stage and engaged in conversations during breakout sessions. And, to our wonderful Partners who share our vision and actively participate in this experience. You all show us in very tangible ways the amazing possibilities that exist when we come together to elevate our voices and create change in this world.

At GENERATION W, we believe in investing in relationships, we believe, as we discovered today, that collaboration is one of the key components to innovation.  As we continue to share new ideas and step boldly into new frontiers (or the ONLY frontiers), I am continually thankful for those who are part of this journey. The production team–Glenn, Jackie, Dana, Ames, and David…you always go above and beyond in creating an experience that, as we say, will last a lifetime. From taking care of our guests to guiding our speakers to connecting via social media, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the GENERATION W team – Kasia, Shavone, Sherry, Sara, Angie, Pauline and Patti…for being part of this great adventure.

And, when it comes to creating relationships and building community, I am most thankful for each and every one of you.  You spend your time and bring your talent to GENERATION W each and every year, encouraging us all to use our imaginations, to embrace innovation and to inspire others to make the world—OUR world—a better place to live.  Thank you.

“What a fantastic day! Can’t say enough that everyone needs to be there April 13, 2018—it’s on my calendar!”—Angela Strain

“To empower…you have to also be empowered. Today was a day of just that in addition to connecting with some amazing women. Join Generation W in 2018 to be wowed”. —Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter

Yes, mark your calendars now to join us for GENERATION W 2018April 13, 2018. And, please continue to connect with us, to be a part of this amazing community that is built on the passionate belief that when people come together—especially women and girls—magic happens.


by Donna Orender