It Takes Just One Girl…

makeanimpactDid you see the story about a teen girl who created an app that helps students find a welcoming group to sit with in the lunchroom? The app, which was designed by 16-year-old Natalie Hampton of Sherman Oaks, California, was inspired by Natalie’s own memories of eating alone in the lunchroom her entire seventh grade year— Brilliant, right? 

Inspiration and action is achievable at all ages. Take our GENERATION WOW Girls. Last year, we partnered with the United Way of Northeast Florida to launch WOW United, a program that encourages young women to share their ideas for making a difference in their immediate world. The ideas submitted were inspiring, as they were created all in the interest of addressing issues that mattered to them, their friends and neighbors. Four outstanding young women earned scholarships (click here to see the girls being recognized during Generation W by CNN’s Kelly Wallace) that would enable them to make their ideas to reality:

  • Inspired by a fellow student’s battle with depression, one winner has created an initiative that helps high school kids explore their emotions through art.
  • Two of our Gen WOW girls wanted to do something good for the Beaches community and are working together on creating a 5k race that will benefit the homeless through BEAM and The Sulzbacher Hope Team.
  • And our youngest Gen WOW girl—fourth-grader (now a fifth grader) Emily Jones—has created an anti-bullying campaign for elementary students. 

The ideas are as diverse as the girls who created them and, when brought together, enhance the social fabric of our entire community. You see, when we connect the WOW of our girls with the WISDOM of our women, magic does happen, we call it WOWSDOM! The ripple effect begins with that personal lift in confidence and emanates to making our world a better place.

So let’s get the ideas and hearts flowing now as we prepare for GENERATION WOW 2016 on NOVEMBER 2 at UNF. Due to the incredible growth of GENERATION WOW from last year (we actually had to close registration early as every seat was filled!), we have expanded our capacity this year. So, please do reach out to the young women in your life and in your schools and help spread the word so that everyone who wants to attend will have their WOW moments ignited and begin their journey of WOWSDOM. Mentorship matters!

Click here for the inside scoop and for REGISTRATION for both our WOW Girls and Mentors. It is all about the positive and the possible! 



by Donna Orender
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