What Successful People Do First Every Day

Morning Sun


A blog post for LifeHack gives us a great list of “The First Thing Successful People Do Every Day”.  Included on this list is our friend Geraldine Laybourne who is a great believer in offering advice to young people.  “She likes to do that by taking a walk with them in Central Park very early.  She believes early risers deserve to be helped and she herself manages to get some exercise.”

Other great things successful people are doing to start their days:

  • Laura Vanderkam recommends writing a challenging report or email first thing in the morning when “distractions, interruptions and meetings are at a minimum.”
  • Tony Robbins practices gratitude and visualization.
  • Tim Cook does his email at 4:30 AM.
  • After cycling with his wife, Howard Schultz spends the first hour of the day getting priorities sorted.

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What do you do the first thing each day?


image courtesy of flickr CC/Morning has broken