Single Female Boomers Show No Signs of Slowing Down

goldengirlsToday’s single female Boomers are showing no signs of slowing down in their personal or professional lives. In fact, 50 percent of female Boomers are still working and 79 percent are satisfied in their current job position according to new data from Del Webb.

The second in a series of newly released data from the 2015 Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey (conducted online for PulteGroup by Harris Poll among 1,020 single female U.S. adults ages 50-68) finds 51 percent of single, working Boomer women plan to stay at their current job for at least five more years, and 34 percent plan to retire between the ages of 65-69.

“We’ve seen that single female Boomers are happier, healthier and more confident than ever, and our survey results show that those who are still working aren’t rushing to retire,” said Lindy Oliva, the company’s division president. “At our Del Webb communities, we know a growing number of these empowered women continue to work well past the age of 65, simply because they love their jobs. These single Boomers are carving their own paths professionally and personally.”

Other findings:

  • While the study finds 49 percent of single female Boomers have already reached their personal career goals, many are making time later in life to pursue their career passions. Among those single female Boomers working full-time, one in five (20 percent) plan to use their retirement years to begin an “encore career,” a job which can provide greater meaning and purpose, as well as a continued income.
  • For the single female Boomers working full-time and planning to retire, the study found that most are looking forward to more time for themselves (73 percent), and many plan to retire so they can spend more time with family (47 percent) and more time for social activities (46 percent).
  • For the 40 percent of single female Boomers who are already retired, one reason may be their smart savings habits. The study found that 49 percent of single female Boomers ranked saving as their most important priority over options including a new home, travel and a new car. And if given an extra $100 this week, 41 percent would save it.

Additional data on single female Boomers will be released throughout the year, including sentiments related to dating and home preferences. For more information, visit