SIGA Launches Action Plan Against Child Abuse in Sport

Following a special session organized by the Sports Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) at Miami Dade College in Florida, SIGA has launched an action plan against abuse, smuggling, and trafficking of children and young people in sport.

The session gathered together a wide range of sport and government stakeholders including Generation W speaker Shellie Pfohl, President & CEO of the U.S. Center for SafeSport. “Every child, every adult around the world has the right to participate in sports free from bullying, hazing and all forms of physical, emotional and sexual misconduct.  It is time that we come together to champion respect and end abuse in sports,” said Shellie.

SIGA’s action plan will include the development of:


  • A comprehensive inventory and a comparative analysis of all existing regulatory frameworks, policies and best practice existing in this field, with the purpose of identifying commonalities, but also potential weaknesses and loopholes in the system;
  • To carry out an inclusive dialogue and consultation process, involving all relevant authorities and stakeholders;
  • To develop a set of guidelines, recommendations and universal standards on recruitment, training, education, and protection of minors, applicable to all sports; and, last but not the least,
  • To develop a global awareness campaign under the banner “It’s not okay” (#itsnotokay).

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