Who Shops More on Cyber Monday–Men or Women?

According to a recent English-language Nielsen survey, women will be more active on this year’s Cyber Monday: 60% of women plan on shopping Cyber Monday versus 50% of men.

Not surprisingly, the top sources for information on Cyber Monday sales are retailers’ websites (59%), Cyber Monday deal websites (57%) and emails (49%). In addition, 39% of shoppers this year will turn to social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter for deal details while 33% of shoppers will still use “old school” newspapers or circulars. When viewed through a gender lens, men tend to skew toward Cyber Monday deal websites, and women gravitate toward retailer websites.

With a growing number of devices at shoppers’ fingertips, the most popular device used for Cyber Monday shopping is still a laptop (89%), followed by a smartphone/cellphone and tablet (33% for each). By gender, 90% of men say they plan shop via a computer/laptop versus 88% women. But men also say they plan to let their thumbs do the shopping (41%), preferring smartphones for Cyber Monday spending over women (28%). And 35% of men are planning to shop on a tablet, compared with 31% of women.

Here is an infographic of the survey results: