How to Set Your Intentions for Success with Diverse Friendships

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I’m happy to say that my friends vary in age, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds. I talk about anything and everything with my friends. For instance, not long ago my friend Doris and I had a very frank conversation about sex. Doris – whose nickname is D.C. – is 92. She shared something about sex with me that every woman should know. I don’t want to tell you what she said. It might ruin the impact of her message. But you can hear her hilarious comment shared by me on this clip from the Queen Sugar Finale special.

One of my dearest friends is Queen Sugar actor Nic Ashe. He is 22 years old. That’s almost a third of my age. Yet we talk on the phone sometimes like high school buddies. I enjoy spending time with young people who have dreams and are committed to living their best life. We learn from one another and for me, these friendships never feel forced, awkward or lopsided.

Which brings me to the effortless, relaxed fun time I spent with 21Ninety’s Marissa Wilson and the fabulous production team at Blavity’s downtown L.A. high rise office space. Blavity is a website created by and for forward-thinking black millennials. Overlooking the city we enjoyed a relaxed chat and I learned how to make my very own intention chalkboard! Marissa called her masterpiece a memo board. Someone else might label the creation a “To Do” board, dream board or inspiration board. It’s been years since I’ve sat at a table surrounded by scissors and brushes – painting with chalk paint, cutting elastic strips to create sections and adorning my creation with pops of color and chalk hearts, we had a great time.

If you’re looking for a way to relax and unwind – which counts as a worthy inner fitness practice – these DIY segments that Marissa and the rest of the 21Ninety team post regularly is a great opportunity to begin. (Since my time with these ladies I went to and ordered a bunch of arts and crafts supplies. )

Before I bid the ladies adieu, Marissa placed me in the “hot seat” and fired off 21 fun questions. If you watch this hot seat clip you’ll definitely know more about the beauty side of me.

So the inner fitness lesson for today: Diverse relationships and experiences are a way to discover, explore and constantly grow your self.

I’m Tina Lifford – always talking about Inner Fitness. ​


By Tina Lifford