Saying Hi: Join Us for Generation Works

HAPPY NEW YEAR REFRESHED….wow, it was a lovely holiday. Just the way the calendar fell insured that many of us could actually take the time we so cherish for family, friends and perhaps some indulgent personal pleasure. So we collectively breathe deep and try to maintain a sense of that inner calm that we are supposed to be feeling as the onslaught of the NEW YEAR engulfs us with its urgencies and exciting opportunities.

WorksTM_Presentedby_DB_blueblack2015_Women Wielding Weapons of Mass ConstructionCreating an impact, inspiring change and making a difference in our community remains front and center here at GENERATION W. An outstanding group of women from all around the city have been working hard, leading the way for a great day of leadership, friendship and service led by women and girls. On FEBRUARY 7th, women wielding weapons of mass construction will gather for GENERATION WORKS, which is about celebrating and recognizing just how vital and integral women are in making our community strong.

Thanks to Pixie Larizza, who is leading the way, we have teamed up with agencies from all over Jacksonville to bring the magic that rakes and paintbrushes, elbow grease and big hearts can deliver. No matter what type of work you are looking for, whether it is building a house, planting a garden or running a BINGO game, there will be a project right for you. GO ONLINE NOW to REGISTER and learn about all of the different organizations and people you can be helping. Bring a group, sign up with your friends, your daughters, your husbands and sons…the spirit will be inspiring and the work life enhancing.

FEBRUARY 7th, we will gather appropriately at Unity Plaza for the kick-off and then we make history! Thanks to so many who have championed this opportunity and will be representing, including DeutscheBank, the presenting partner for this great community day, CIT, Florida Blue, Interline Brands, SteinMart, UNF, United Way, Wells Fargo, WJCT, Winn-Dixie and WGA, just to name a few. Join US!

And while you are looking at your calendars, please be sure and REGISTER for GENERATION W – MARCH 27th Passion and Purpose. The speakers who have already committed are sure to make for an inspiring day.

Wishing you the very best that 2015 has to offer.