Saying Hi: Women Wielding Weapons of Mass Construction

genw-2215This Saturday, hundreds of women in Jacksonville will be wielding weaspons of mass construction as we work together to transform our community during Generation WORKS. We have ENERGIZED leaders and volunteers and their families ready to make an impact on 21 non-profit projects throughout Jacksonville. There is still room for more volunteers – if you haven’t done so already, follow this link to REGISTER NOWand select a project that will help you make a difference in our city.

Generation WORKS is one way we’re harnessing the powerful energy of women’s leadership to transform the community. We envision Generation WORKS as a way to galvanize the leadership of women and girls who will wire, weld, wash and work their magic to transform not only physical spaces, but also the lives which inhabit them. You see, this isn’t just about a one-day event. It’s about making connections with one another; it’s keeping the momentum of transformation going long after Saturday comes to a close. We are creating circles of influence, moving outward in a ripple effect that will transcend Jacksonville and be felt throughout the world. When women are actively involved in education, infrastructure and community, it has a positive impact on the development of our people, our cities, our nation…our global community.

THANKS to our honorary chairwomen Santhea Brown, wife of Mayor Alvin Brown; Melissa Ross, host and producer of First Coast Connect; and Rachel Vitti, education advocate and founder of GRASP, who are helping to lead the way. It has been a privilege to work with this team of smart, motivated women who are dedicated to bettering the lives of our Jacksonville residents.

So, are you ready to WORK? Don’t forget to register in advance and select from a variety of projects around the city.

ALSO, THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO REGISTER FOR EARLY BIRD TICKETS FOR GENERATION W…passionately and purposefully the work continues for an impactful day of education, inspiration and connection on MARCH 27.

While you are at it, REGISTER for GENERATION W at