Saying Hi: A Conversation about Gender Equity

Donna OrenderPretty amazing, all the press and conversation about gender equity. Just in the last 10 days, Sheryl Sandberg has announced the LEAN IN TOGETHER initiative with the NBA. It’s great to hear from LeBron James and Stephen Curry as they encourage all men to lean in for women. And just this week, the Clinton Foundation, along with the Gates Foundation, published the “No Ceilings” report on women’s leadership around the world. The UN has a major initiative called “He For She” and Emma Watson (yes, the “Harry Potter Girl” as she refers to herself) made a compelling speech, excerpts of which we will share at Generation W, inspiring a global community to be aware of the importance of women and the role they play in the world and, equally important, the benefits that will accrue to men as they embrace the concept of gender equity.

I was invited by Vital Voices to give a talk in Seattle this past Sunday for International Wome n’s Day. They hosted a global mentor walk that included 73 cities in 51 countries around the world. I was proud to be celebrating mentorship and the power of what I would call “teaming up” to inspire greatness. During Generation W, we will have an active celebration of “teaming up” during our session called GENERATION WE. We will be joined by leading men, take a look, in our community who understand that SHE issues are definitely WE issues. They know that our mutual success is interdependent and that gender equity is about all of our lives being better. I cannot wait!

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