Ride-sharing App for Women of Jacksonville?

safeher_logoAccording to a recent story from Action News Jax, the Boston-based company SafeHer (formerly Chariot for Women) may soon be headed to Jacksonville.  SafeHer, a ride-sharing program that only allows women drivers and women and children to ride, was scheduled to pre-launch in Massachusetts in mid-April.  However, due to overwhelming support from women throughout the U.S. the company is now planning a more broad launch which could possibly include Jacksonville along with other major U.S. cities.

In addition to providing a safe ride-share experience for women, the company will also donate 2% of every single fare to women-based charities.  Every month, there is a list of 10 local and national charities chosen by SafeHer customers through their app.  While the passenger is the in car, a popup will come up allowing her to choose which charity will receive her 2%.

Visit the SafeHer website for updates on when they may be headed to your town.