Rear Adm. Mary M. Jackson on Leadership and Life Lessons

Rear Adm. Mary M. Jackson, a Generation W speaker and moderator of last summer’s TRUST panel,  offered leadership advice and life lessons from her time commanding Navy Region Southeast during a Wednesday luncheon co-sponsored by the First Coast chapter of Women in Defense and the Society of American Military Engineers.

According to the Times-Union , Jackson, who will soon make the transition from her position in Jacksonville to her new position as commander of Navy Installations Command in Washington, said moving through the ranks–whether in military or civilian life–is all about being able to work with people.  “All of the highest highs I’ve had and the lowest lows I’ve had have to do with people.”

Prior to Admiral Jackson’s presentation, she enjoyed lunch and conversation with Katelynn Kinslow, a 17-year-old Jacksonville high school student who was “lucky enough to be seated at the head table.”

“It was fun to be able to sit there and joke around with the higher military people,” Kinslow said during an interview with the Times-Union.  “They just talked to me like normal. They’ve accomplished so much and risked their lives, it was cool to speak with all of the people at my table.”

Kinslow is the youngest member of the First Coast chapter of Women in Defense, which is the fastest-growing chapter in the nation.

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