Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Career?

imageGen.ashxTiming is everything–especially when it comes to your career.  As part of a series she has written for the NFL’s Women’s Resource Initiative, Van Adams gives us some great tips that will prepare you to walk through the door as soon as opportunity knocks.  Here is a summary (click here to read the entire post):

Avoid the degree trap.  The number of college degrees you have, or lack thereof, does not necessarily dictate your career trajectory…True, some career paths require specific degrees or certifications that are non-negotiable.  Beyond that, there are many career paths that do not have such mandates. A recent PEW study revealed 42% of the workforce has a bachelor’s degree in an area of study unrelated to their current career.  In the end, all things considered equal, it’s usually your soft skills that will set you apart. And practical experience does matter.

Career exploration. Seek out thought-leaders, and executives you view as successful. The Internet offers an abundance of information on just about everything. Google them to research their career path and learn what experience they have had that enables them to do what they do. Find a time and method that is mutually convenient for the both of you (in person, phone, Skype, etc.) and set up a meeting with them.  Come to the meeting prepared to pitch who you are and what you can deliver, and any questions you’d like to ask of them. Most importantly, listen to the feedback they offer.

Create Your Own Opportunity. Opportunities for advancement are not always clear and as simple as applying for a listed job opening.  Is there a void that needs to be filled in your current organization that you are uniquely equipped to fulfill?  If so, get in front of a decision maker and make your case.

You can find the entire post written by Van Adams


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