The Power of Female Influence

Donna Orender at espnW SummitAlthough studies show that women influence more than 85% of all consumer purchases, businesses are just now beginning to embrace the idea that if they meet the needs of women they will expand their brand and marketshare.  Why the change?  “The conversation and noise level around this issue has gone up,” said Generation W founder Donna Orender during the 5th Annual espnW Women + Sports Summit.  “The more we raise our hands and exercise our market power, which is what we are starting to do–then the market is reacting.”

A great example of this was recently covered by  Here’s an excerpt:

Earlier this month, we saw an example of this when a 12-year-old girl raised her hand and exercised the power of the female market in the form of a letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods. She questioned their failure to represent women athletes in its basketball catalog, and pointed out that the only female included in the advertisement was sitting in the stands. Days later, the attention surrounding Dick’s Sporting Goods short-sided actions resulted in its Chairman and CEO, Edward Stack, apologizing for the “obvious mistake” and guaranteeing that next year’s catalog would prominently feature female athletes.

Across the board, female consumer voices are powerful; the game-changers are speaking up at earlier stages in their lives, and businesses marketing to women are now left with only one option, which is to listen.

Girl power at its best!