The Positive Effects of #MeToo

There have been some positive effects since the launch of the #MeToo movement.

“The other night, I was chatting with women at a work event, and the conversation turned, as it typically does these days, to sexual harassment,” writes CNN’s Kelly Wallace. “But beyond talking about the latest allegations and wondering who might be next, I was struck by a sense of how women seem to be feeling more empowered in ways big and small.” Kelly, who has been a Generation W speaker, recently wrote a story for with examples of how women are “asserting their power after the wave of sexual harassment allegations that have rocked media, Hollywood, politics and many other industries.” Here are some quotes from her story:

“Now I have stopped being afraid and gone back to using my voice publicly because I feel I need to show the same kind of courage so many other women are showing.”–Lori Day

“I find myself saying, ‘If a man doesn’t know the difference between giving a woman a compliment and making sexually harassing and disparaging remarks, they should be silent at work.'”–Janeane Davis

“I am glad women have the courage to tell their stories and recount years of painful abuse. Despite what others allege, they don’t do it for publicity. We are simply fed up,” –Cherylyn Harley LeBon

“Women are protesting, marching, organizing and building power. From the millions who joined the Women’s March to the survivors who have bravely come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and assault, to the millions participating in the #MeToo movement, it’s become clear that women are not going to stay silent anymore.”–Marianne Schnall

“Shining a light on harassment has forged a community where women feel authorized to raise their voices in ways they never have before.”–Rachel Simmons

This feeling of empowerment is not only good for individuals but will also create better companies and communities. “When you have that psychological safety, whether you’re man or woman, black, Asian, white, you’re going to be able to bring your best to your organization, to society,” said Generation W speaker Sanyin Siang in the article. We couldn’t agree more.

Click here to read the entire CNN article and share with us an example of how you have asserted your power recently.