Podcast Discusses Gender Equality in the Legal Profession

female-lawyer-readingThe American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession just came out with a new study finding that male lead counsels in federal litigation cases outnumber their female counterparts by up to 3 to 1.  From the report:

“Some may ask, why does it matter if relatively few women are in lead roles? We believe that one could just as well ask, why does it matter if there is a small or large pool of talent in the legal profession? Women lawyers make up at least 36% of the legal profession. To the extent that women are hampered in obtaining lead roles, not only do their own careers suffer, so too does the profession, as there is less diversity of thinking, less effectiveness in front of a broad range of judges and jurors, and less creative energy brought to bear on client matters.”

Thomson Reuters Legal Current podcast discusses both the progress that has been made, and the progress that has yet to made on gender equality in the legal profession.  Click here to listen.