Plan Wisely, Be Smart, and Let’s Take Care of Each Other

Hurricane IrmaKatrina, Matthew, Harvey and now Irma. Harvey is barely dry and the video of people stranded has left an indelible impression of the wrath of Mother Nature and the life-changing impact that it can bring. We remain warmed by the big hearts and concerted efforts of our neighbors across the nation who have made Houston their home away from home to provide support and resources.

We did not have the next number on the storm line, but here we are, sitting ducks, awaiting the perverse pleasure of one of the top 5 projected storms of the last 100 years. With images of Harvey still floating across our screens, we have the added pleasure of Hurricane Matthew still freshly minted in our brains. “Should I stay or should I go?” No doubt about it, we go!. So, the preparations begin for a monster that will hit. We know not where just yet, but it is coming. We realize that we want the path to jiggle so our homes are not swept away, but realize everyone is hoping for “their” jiggle. The truth is we do not wish anyone ill will and our best hope is that Irma realizes she is lost and will best find herself out to sea. We can only hope.

So, to our neighbors and friends, plan wisely, be smart, and let’s take care of each other as this uninvited visitor, unfortunately, wants herself to be known. We are brave and nervous, and ever hopeful that we get to criticize all that warned of the worst. That would be a good scenario, better yet, why can’t Irma just skip over the southeast and head out West. LA is calling, she needs your help.




Donna Orender