Personalizing the Immigration Story

We could not be more excited for Captain Rahmani. For those of us who got to meet her and hear her story first hand, her bravery, perseverance, and commitment to pursuing her dream at any cost inspired us.

Her incredible story brought us to our feet in appreciation of her hard to believe journey that brought her from the skies over Afghanistan and to the shores of America. You too will have the chance to experience her remarkable life. Take a moment to watch her incredible journey here. We felt privileged to share her personal story with her and now today, this week, she shares it with the world with the notice of her asylum being granted on the front page of the WSJ.

Niloofar’s story was a capstone to the amazing panel discussion of four immigrant women who brought tremendous depth to the current conversation around the US of AMERICA. Our thanks to Laura Angelini, Giselle Carson, Lisa Maxwell, Basma Alawee and moderator Irene Chang Britt for sharing their personal stories. Immigration is an issue that is compelling and current, touching all of our hearts but also demanding a civil discourse and so based on an explosion of interest following the US of America panel, we will continue the conversation here.

For me, this morning panel, these amazing women, all with their unique stories adding depth to the immigrant story and how it relates to the American story is one where we can all participate. So, to keep the conversation going and to answer the requests for more, we will begin a series of entries from the women on our panel. Our hope is their stories will personalize the topic of immigration, helping us all understand and appreciate each other more. That one moment on the Generation W stage opened a window, and, in the spirit of truly making this #OurTime, we are ready to crack open a door. We are elated to begin this series with Lisa Maxwell, a native Jamaican woman who is now a Vice-President with Mastercard, as our first contributor. You can read her story below.