Saying Hi: Stories of Passion and Purpose

donnaHer words move me, her actions inspire me, and now you too will get to meet the amazing woman, CEO and President, Alyse Nelson, who leads Vital Voices, an organization founded by Hillary Clinton that identifies, invests in and brings visibility to extraordinary women around the world. Alyse’s story of Passion and Purpose took her from days as a college co-ed with a passionate interest, to an influencer for good on the global stage. Her story is remarkable.

Deb Walton‘s energy is contagious, her opinions strong and her commitment on behalf of all of us, admirable. You will get to meet the Chief Content Officer for Thomson Reuters when she shares her story of an Aussie girl who grew up on a sheep farm and works her way to the pinnacle of the financial technology industry in NYC. Did I mention that she is really funny as well?

We have assembled a stellar national panel to talk about one of the most front and center issues of our day, our culture around women and violence. During our session, “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” which will be expertly moderated by the brilliant CNN correspondent Kelly Wallace, we will be hearing from many perspectives, including Rear Admiral (Ret.) Marty Evans, who is working closely with the military on this issue.

More to come…the time to register is now….

One more thing. I wrote a special blog this week regarding GENERATION WORKS. It was quite a day that has left an indelible mark for many. I know we are moving fast, but I do want to hold onto the special people and work that has created change in so many of our neighbors’ lives. A heartfelt thanks to all and, as our co-chair Rachel Vitti posted, it is teamwork that keeps the dreamwork alive.

Can’t wait to see you!