Be Part of One Spark START: Berlin

084b6bba-e070-425c-9e60-8e90d791f2b9With One Spark START: Berlin kicking off tomorrow, the One Spark folks are reminding us of where this all started–as a sketch on a napkin in a Jacksonville coffee shop. It’s where they discovered their mission to connect Creators from all walks of life, anywhere in the world, with the resources they need to take their ideas to action.

One Spark START: Berlin grows that mission and represents the early stage development of an international creator community and we are all invited to share in this international occasion!  How can you be part of the event if you are not in Berlin? Two great ways: 

  • Connect with the Berlin audience and help spread the word about One Spark START: Berlin by joining their Thunderclap campaign. It takes less than a minute and lets you easily join the conversation using Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.  Be sure to use the #OneSparkBerlin hashtag when you tweet so everyone can follow along!
  • Contribute online to the Projects that inspire you from anywhere in the world.  Click here to browse Creator Projects.  To contribute you will need to register, or just sign into, your One Spark account.