Our 10 Favorite Pat Summitt Quotes

pat-summitt-6We were saddened to hear of the passing of Pat Summitt.  Pat served as the head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team, achieving the most wins in NCAA basketball history of any coach, male or female.  “She’ll be remembered as the all-time winningest D-1 basketball coach in NCAA history, but she was more than a coach to so many,” said her son Tyler Summitt in a statement this morning. “She was a hero and a mentor, especially to me, her family, her friends, her Tennessee Lady Volunteer staff and the 161 Lady Vol student-athletes she coached during her 38-year tenure.”

The inspiration of Pat Summitt will continue to impact us all.  Here are 10 of our favorite Pat Summitt quotes:  [Tweet This]



“There is always someone better than you.  Whatever it is that you do for a living, chances are, you will run into a situation in which you are not as talented as the person next to you.  That’s when being a competitor can make a difference in your fortunes.”

“The absolute heart of loyalty is to value those people who tell you the truth, not just those people who tell you what you want to hear.  In fact, you should value them most. Because they have paid you the compliment of leveling with you and assuming you can handle it.”

“Attitude lies somewhere between emotion and logic. It’s the curious mix of optimism and determination that enables you to maintain a positive outlook and to continue plodding in the face of the most adverse circumstances.”

“When you choose to be a competitor you choose to be a survivor.  When you choose to compete, you make the conscious decision to find out what your real limits are, not just what you think they are.”

“If you don’t admit a mistake and take responsibility for it, you’re bound to make the same one again.”

“Attitude is a choice. What you think you can do, whether positive or negative, confident or scared, will most likely happen.”

“No one feels strong when she examines her own weakness.  But in facing weakness, you learn how much more there is in you, and you find real strength.”

“Each time you go beyond your perceived limit, you become mentally stronger.”

“Discipline helps you finish a job, and finishing is what separates excellent work from average work.”

“If you hang with winners, you stand a great chance of being a winner.”


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