Nicole Thomas Named Baptist Health’s First Female Hospital President

Nicole ThomasGreat role models in Jacksonville? Nicole Thomas becomes first female hospital president for Baptist Health. [TWEET THIS]

“I feel a great sense of responsibility to serve as a role model for girls and women to follow. I want them to know that anything is possible. You can still blaze trails even today in 2016,” Nicole Thomas said when asked about how she felt becoming the first female to hold the title of hospital president for Baptist Health. Thomas said she is grateful for the mentorship and encouragement of top executives at Baptist, including Hugh Greene, John Wilbanks and Audrey Moran.

Growing up in a Houston neighborhood challenged with poverty and crime, Thomas’ family was determined she would have a better life. She was steered into a magnet high school focused on health professions laying the foundation for a secure path to college. Thomas was quickly drawn to the patients she met while working as a dental assistant with her high school program.

“I have a heart for people. I wanted to find a career where I could use my business brain and my health care heart,” Thomas said.

She found her place in health care administration where she has spent the past 20 years since graduating college. Her career goal was to become a vice president of operations of a health care organization, which she reached in 2011 at Baptist Health.

Now she’s reaching another milestone as the first female at Baptist Health to hold the title of hospital president. Thomas, who has been a speaker at Generation W, will replace Ron Robinson, who is retiring this fall. “It is a real honor to be part of the healing experience to improve the lives of patients and their families here in Jacksonville,” Thomas said. “What we do every day is a ministry and service to our neighbors. I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead an organization that is going to be remembered by patients for touching their lives in a special way.”