New Film Shows the Female Side of Wall Street

Women_Stock_TraderIt seems a new movie about Wall Street will soon be hitting theaters across the U.S.  This time, however, the main character isn’t a man–it’s a woman.  A recent article on CNNMoney says the movie, “Equity”,  is slated to premiere later this year or early 2016 and will focus on a senior investment banker who is taking her company public.  According to the article, you can expect dealmaking, corruption and sexism.  Here’s an excerpt:


“It’s lovely for someone like Sheryl Sandberg to say ‘Lean In,’ but what I found in interviews [with women on Wall Street] is that if they do lean in, then everyone thinks they’re a bitch,” producer Alysia Reiner told CNNMoney. 

Reiner is one of the stars of the hit Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” She is teaming up with film and stage actress Sarah Megan Thomas on “Equity.” It’s the first film from their Broad Street Pictures production company. 

They felt it was time to showcase the women of Wall Street — and not just secretaries. 

“You’re in a room and there’s 30 men and you’re the only woman. It’s not as comfortable as it would be if there were more diversity,” says Thomas. “It’s a complex problem.” 

Women still earn less than men in many industries, and only 14% of CEOs at America’s biggest publicly traded companies are women, according to a recent CNNMoney analysis. 

At the same time, there are a lot of misconceptions that come with being the “token” female or minority. 

“Some men we interviewed feel like women actually get promoted sooner because there is reverse discrimination,” says Thomas.


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