New Direction for Jacksonville Women’s Business Center

Jacksonville Women's Business CenterAccording to the Jacksonville Business Journal, the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center is moving in a new direction. “We’ve gone from being the only game in town to one of many, which requires us to strengthen our values,” said Carlton Robinson, vice president of entrepreneurial growth at the JaxChamber during an interview with Jacksonville Business Journal. “That’s what we’re going to do, and we think we’ll be extremely successful to complement some of the other resources in town.”

The center is working on a 120-day impact plan “that will shift the group’s operating model to a more ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ as well as modernizing existing programs, modifying programs, and applying components of their Venture Leadership program to the JWBC.

“The JWBC is a business that must innovate itself with a sense of urgency,” interim Executive Director Ellen Sullivan said. “It’s time to pivot. It’s time for this business to pivot. Slow and steady is not going to work, we’re going to be moving quickly. We have to, it’s a business. We all know we need to do that to survive.”

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