Study Finds NBA Leader in Diversity

spurs-internationalStudy led by Generation W speaker Dr. Richard Lapchick has found that the NBA remains the leader in diversity among professional sports leagues.  The NBA received an A-plus grade for racial hiring and B-plus for gender hiring on its annual Racial and Gender Report Card.  The league received an overall grade of A.  Lapchick commented that although the figures are strong, there was a slight decrease from a year ago.  “Because percentages are so high now, it makes it so difficult to raise or maintain (the numbers),” Lapchick said to the Associated Press.  “I think the area that they can improve in is at the senior leadership positions at the team level. There are not so many women vice presidents. …There are quite a high number at the junior level, but the senior level has room for improvement. But, that said, they are far ahead of other professional sports leagues as far as gender hiring.”

“One of the things for me that is encouraging as I look at racial and gender issues across society is that there is a league like the NBA that you can look to, not only in sport, but in corporate America. … to be a welcoming environment,” Lapchick said. “They’ve changed the numbers, but they changed the culture as well.”

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