Myth Busters: What Skills You DON’T Need for Success


During Generation W, Gerry Laybourne and John Gerzema busted some major myths when it comes to the traits that define great leadership.  Based on findings discussed in Gerzema’s book, The Athena Doctrine:  How Women (And the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future, here are 4 myths about leadership and why the attributes of women are changing the way we lead our families, companies and the world.


1.  It’s All In Your Title:  “Stop thinking about yourself, galvanize the people and create an environment you would want to work in.  Focus on the greater good of the company, not yourself.”

2.  Only YES Men Wanted.  “Yes men are the sign of weak leaders.”

3.  Perfectionism Is The Path To Heaven: “Being perfect isn’t about being perfect, it’s crippling.  If you feel you have to get it exactly right, it’s paralyzing and keeps you from making progress.  My new motto is ‘think harder, try easier’.”

4.  Women Crack Under Pressure:  “Our biology is NOT to crack under pressure.  There would be no babies in this world if women cracked under pressure.  When the going gets tough, I don’t see women taking their marbles and go home.

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